We prefer appointments, but welcome walk-ins when we can. We do not give wait time over the phone - too unpredictable. We will let you know if do/don't have time for walk-ins.

Children Policy

We kinda don’t like kids at the shop. Unless your kid is getting a haircut (minimum age 6-years old) or kept in check by an adult who is not getting a haircut, we don’t want them in the shop. The last thing we want is the little hellion f*cking shit up, or worse - hurting themselves in the process.

Dog Policy

We all love dogs at the shop! It sucks, though. State regulations don’t allow us to have your furry friends in the shop unless they are a trained service dog (Telegraph Barber cannot be held liable if your dog bites another person while in the shop). Sorry... :(

We Reserve the Right. . .

At Telegraph Barber, we don’t care about your politics, religion, ethnicity, race, gender, or any other label you want to tag yourself with. With that said; we welcome everyone who wants a good cut and have a good time in the process.


We don't care for shitty attitudes from assholes. So we gladly reserve the right to refuse service especially if you’re: a douchebag, crybaby, whiner, snowflake, ranker, or any other disposition that impedes on us having a good time at the shop.