Children Policy

We kinda don’t like kids at the shop. Unless your kid is getting a haircut (minimum age 12) or kept in check by an adult not getting a haircut, we don’t want them in the shop. The last thing we want is the little tike f*cking shit up, or worse - hurting themselves in the process.


As stated above; we don't offer kids cuts. Age minimum for kids is 12-years old.

Dog Policy

We all love dogs at the shop! It sucks, though. State regulations don’t allow us to have your furry friends in the shop. Sorry... :(

We reserve the right. . .

At Telegraph Barber, we don’t care about your politics, religion, ethnicity, race, gender, or any other label you want to tag yourself with. With that said; we welcome everyone who wants a good cut and have a good time in the process.


We don't care for shitty attitudes from assholes. So we gladly reserve the right to refuse service especially if you’re: a douchebag, crybaby, whiner, snowflake, ranker, or any other disposition that impedes on us having a good time at the shop.

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