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Cancellation/no-show policy: Read the fine print!

At Telegraph Barber, you are required to schedule an appointment for your haircut or other barber services.

When booking online you will be required to enter credit card info to secure an appointment. Don’t worry, we don’t charge anything when making your appointment. Rest assure, all credit card information is securely managed by SQUARE.

READ REAL F*CKING CLOSE! If you are a “NO SHOW” - failure to notify us of cancelling and not being present at your scheduled time - you will be CHARGED FULL PRICE of your service. You MUST cancel by at least twelve (12) hours prior to your scheduled appointment.


There will be a late fee of $10 if you arrive past the ten (10) minute grace period. If you are late & you haven't notified us then you will receive a courtesy call; at which point we will determine what your options are - cancel/reschedule, marked as NO SHOW, or told to kick rocks. Either way... we get paid for our time!

Also. If, for whatever excuse, you mistakenly book with the wrong barber then you will be charged for both the barber you booked with AND the barber you intended to see. So book correctly!

We, at Telegraph Barber, feel this policy is fair to you - the customers - and us. This is our livelihood. Please respect it.